What is a journalist?

We watch television every day and if we don’t, we read the newspapers. In case we don’t do either, then we listen to radio. Well, all these people who work for us in order to inform us are called journalists. They all are part of the media industry. In the world of journalists there are some criteria with which they are placed in different categories. There are journalists who write about sport, politics and social facts or prefer to make scientific documentaries. Every one of them is specialized in his own field.

Others criteria involve journalists who work for television, radio, internet, blogs and newspapers. But when we all hear the word “journalists”, we immediately think of news. In fact, what is a journalist?


Every man that works as a journalist has to know that his job involves much information and many stories that he has to bring to the public. He looks for anything that catches the attention of his public and according to the institution he is working it, he brings the information more or less detailed. There are several differences between the requirements of a site and the ones of a national television.

For years and years people have tried to define to the question “what is a journalist?”. They all knew he reports news but very few were able to explain exactly what a journalist is paid for. He has to understand the topic he writes about and to know exactly who they are writing about, what happened, where and when the event took part and why things went that way.

The job of a journalist also involves the research for opinions and for people who have something to say on behalf of someone or about a certain event. Journalists often find themselves in the situation of covering the identity of a witness and putting the information in front of the public, without affecting the identity of that person.

If you still are not sure “what is a journalist?”, then you should be aware of the fact that a journalist has a lot of sources and knows many people. When he hears something about a recent event, he has to get in touch immediately with the right person and ask for details. Not everyone can be a journalist and this job involves a lot of dedication and work. However, the satisfaction you get once you have been the first to bring the news is invaluable.