What a wedding planner really does

Nothing can compare to a beautifully designed wedding. The flowers, lighting, ribbons, table setting – everything is magnificent. Can you just imagine a career that allows you to design, plan, and manage a wedding? As a wedding planner, you can bring to life fantasy marriage ceremonies. Not sure if a career in wedding planning is right for you? Planning such an event implies more than finding wedding ribbon for sale. Here are the general tasks that professional planners are supposed to handle.

What a wedding planner really does

Setting up the wedding budget

The budget is the one that affects the marriage ceremony, which is the reason why the wedding planner, that is you, needs to set a realistic budget. As a professional, you have to come up with a realistic budget and, most importantly, make sure that the bride and the groom stick to it. Early in the planning stage, you should have a long talk with the couple. They can handle some details by themselves.

Recommending vendors

The wedding planner is the one who gives recommendations. Of course, in the beginning you will not have that many connections. Yet, with time, you will have a network of suppliers to rely on. It is necessary to be completely honest with clients. For example, if you have a bad experience with a vendor, do not recommend them to the bride and groom.

Choosing wedding venue

Researching a wedding venue for the couple is probably one of the most important tasks. While you are not the one making the choice, you do have a saying. What is complicated is that you have to provide the bride and the groom value for their money. The food and beverage is priced differently, not to mention other rental items. Let us not forget about bringing in outside help.

Ordering wedding supplies

Ordering wedding supplies is the planner’s responsibility too. You have to take care of everything from ordering ribbons to wedding invitations. Concerning ribbons, you have to find a supplier that offers high-quality ribbons fast. A great example of supplier is the Ribbon Room. But what about wedding invitations? It is not enough to have them in your hands. You have to mail the invitations too.

Teaching wedding etiquette

Couples, especially if it is their first marriage ceremony, will have questions. As the wedding planner, you will have to teach them how to behave on the big day. You are a professional and knowing wedding etiquette is expected of you.