Types of sports that parents should consider for their girls

Raising a daughter is not an easy thing to do, especially since every parent’s greatest wish is to offer her the best conditions. But rising a girl also includes helping her keep fit and healthy, a thing which can be done only with the help of sport. But, there are also many parents who say that they do not know what type of sport to choose, as to make their girls feel pleased. In this case, here are some good recommendations from the experts.

Types of sports that parents should consider for their girls

Netball – a more and more appreciated sport by girls and women

If you check the statistics, you will be surprised to see that there are so many women who find netball so interesting. Thus, in case you wonder where to play netball in London, you should know that there are many places. Netball is a fast and exciting team sport which includes many physical exercises (which are good for your daughter’s body) such as running, jumping or throwing and catching the ball. This sport became an Olympic Game in 1995 and it is highly appreciated not only in the UK but also worldwide.

There are many people who say that netball is similar to basket, a thing that is true, but there are some important differences. For example, there are many different rules. The players are not allowed to run with the ball and they have to pass it in less than five seconds. Dribbling is not allowed. Despite the physical activity your daughter is also has the chance to socialise with other girls and also to become a more competitive person.

Volleyball – also an interesting alternative

Volleyball is also a team sport which includes six players. Usually, the game is played by using hands or arms, but there are situations when the players are allowed to strike or push the ball with other parts of their bodies, including legs. Playing volleyball may seem only like a psychical activity, but it also includes some techniques. Therefore, this activity will make your girl become a well-organised person who also has a strategic way of thinking.

Football – also a good idea for women

Playing football is a good activity for legs. It can be also fun and competitive. But you have to make sure that your girl will not get into trouble by fighting with other girls. Sometimes, the high competition spirit can make girls and women feel tense. But, the main purpose of football is not fighting, but, on the contrary: getting rid of the negative energy.