Tips on how to apply for a federal job

Signing in for a federal job might seem an easy process, but having a successful application is a different story. Lately, getting hired in a non-essential position in the federal environment decreased substantially and this fact is not going to change sooner. Thus, the people who want to apply to this kind of job should sell their abilities and their personal importance and valuable amount that they can bring to the department or agency.

Tips on how to apply for a federal job Tips on how to apply for a federal job Picture

1.    Choosing the Right Job

The most important concern in applying for a federal job is choosing the job that fits you. If you sign in for a position that does not match your studies and experience, most probably you will not be chosen from the other applicants who are qualified. A better way to find a job that matches your qualification is to search on the USAJOBS site for agencies that are looking for applicants which have your experience and studies. Search for jobs that fit you, your abilities and studies.

2.    CV and Recommendation letter

A good CV for a federal job usually contains information that you do not find in an ordinary CV. A federal CV has a length of three or four pages and besides your descriptions about your studies, experience and abilities should contain your social number, the identification number for the job that you are applying, and the number of credits you gained in courses that match the job. Because the information presented in the CV varies from job to job, you will need more CVs if you are going to sign in for different federal jobs.

3.     Social Relations

Social relations can help you a lot when you are signing in for a federal job. If you know people in the department or agency you want to apply to work, they can put you a good word to the people who are in the hiring committee. So calling sometimes to find out more about openings can make you known and distinct from the other applicants for the job.

4.    Interviewing

The interview is an important step in applying for a federal job. Usually, if you are called for a federal job interview, you are one from a numerous group of applicants selected for the interview. The USAJOBS site recommends you to go dressed up with business clothes, to speak a minute about yourself, remain positive throughout the interview and write a thank you note. The best way to get a federal job interview is to know details about the job and your CV inside and out.

5.    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the candidates to a federal job should also attach to their CV a “knowledge, skills and abilities” description. A KSA form develops all the knowledge and skills that an applicant posses and match the job, and show these abilities through examples. Although the position you are signing in for does not ask for a KSA form, you should attach one to your CV when you turn it over.