The importance of the development in career

The career development is an important factor for both the employee and the company where he’s working. Thus, the employee can access the status it has in view, by recognizing of its merits, the membership to a specific team of professionals and getting the desired salary. So, the company has the opportunity to motivate and retain that employee through the efficient exploiting of the potential that it has identified in that person.

To identify the potential is necessary, on the one hand, the employee to know himself very well. On the other hand, the company must make an objective assessment of talents, interests, style of work, performances achieved at the time by the employee.




It is also useful that the employee to know very well the company to which it belongs and the activity where that company is operating. The employee needs a suitable environment that would stimulate him to develop. This will avoid the situations with negative impact on the employee’s motivation and his subsequent evolution.

During the development process, both the company and the employee must establish realistic and clear objectives. The next step will be to develop the skills necessary to achieve those objectives. Subsequently, the company will make regular assessments of the progress made by the employee.

The company can develop the employee by involving him more in the work he is normally doing or in related activities. Also, it can facilitate him the participation in training or coaching programs, seminars, conferences and specialized workshops.

The development of the employee can be done in steps, when in the company are opportunities for promotion, or matrix, for flat companies, where there are not so many opportunities for advancement. It is possible that the employee to not wish to develop his managerial skills and then he will be motivated by new and different tasks. The company can improve the current role to the employee or it may facilitate the lateral movement within the same department or in other departments.