The first steps in looking for a job

Depending on the job for which you want to apply, you need information more or less accurate, both about the company, and about the job. These are the first steps in looking for a job.

These information will provide useful guidelines both for looking for a job, and to maintain a discussion with the employer about the field and about the company. The employers appreciate this approach of the candidates very much.


Looking for a job without establishing some rules before, usually, can lead to hasty decisions that can influence your career. In order to be satisfied with a job you have to set from the beginning certain criteria that can be accomplished.

You must always have prepared a list of more jobs that interest you, based on your preferences. You need to set your priorities and according to them to create personalized CVs and cover letters.


  • Get information about the culture of the corporation

In the first place there is the information about the market in which the company activates. If you are looking for a job of a commercial nature, you need to know the market prospects, the company’s position on the market, its main competitors.

These information are very important to be able to identify the dominant characteristics of the company and the problems they face.


  • Contacting the company

Very important, especially for the spontaneous applications, is to contact the company and check its availability of a compatible job with what you are looking. To get information about it is enough to give a call.

You have to analyze very well all these information and to choose the job that fits best with your expectations.