The cheat sheet of becoming a car expert


Your passion for cars can be easily transformed in a quite entertaining a stable future career. If you are passionate about cars, you are for sure subscribed to several webpages that review all sorts of cars, many of them freshly out of the factory’s gates. Kind of like the guys from Top Gear are. Edmunds claims that Toyota RAV4 is maybe the perfect car for adventures, but if you want to be able to do so yourself, or even work for them, you must follow some rules.

42-19789344 Car Speeding along Busy Bridge --- Image by © Dermot Conlan/PPSOP/Corbis

Learn how to drive like an expert

Take your license if you don’t have one, and practice. Learn to listen to your car, how does the engine sound? How responsive are the breaks? Is it spacious? How does it behave, compared with other similar cars? Does it exceed the previous model in terms of performance? These are all aspects you should pay attention to, without exception, and if you want to be able to tell them, you must practice a lot, while driving.

Subscribe to multiple specialized websites and analyze them

If you are passionate, most probably you know the manner in which these websites do their reviews to the cars tested. Follow exactly what they follow, and try to mimic. If it helps, maybe write them all down. Generally, these websites divide the information into a couple of sections. For instance, you will find a “Performance” section, “Reliability”, a “Safety” one, and so on. Try to organize your thoughts on the car. It’s easier this way.

Experiment with various cars

You are very likely to start reviewing your own car. But for proper results, you must compare it with others that are similar. Ask a friend to let you drive their car and compare what experience it provides. Another strategy would be to visit diverse dealerships and ask for a test drive. Pick a car and compare it with yours. This is how your journey begins, given the fact that you don’t have manufacturers asking for your opinion on their car. You will get there.

Become familiar with mechanical aspect

Once again, if you have a true passion for cars, you might already be familiar with mechanic-related bits and pieces. Again, all the things you should pay attention to are found on the website of your favorite car expert. Deepen that information.