Techniques adopted in looking for a job

Looking for a job involves certain steps to be followed. Therefore we come up with some techniques and advices that may help you succeed in this approach.


  • Adapting your CV to the market and to your profile: Writing the CV is a very important step and should be treated with maximum care. The CV is the essential document for the employer, being the main support for future job interview. The CV must be concise and complete and should contain the essential elements sought by the employer.





– Do not hesitate to make two or three different CVs to send the CV that best fits the job or company which you are addressing.

– Test your CV with friends or acquaintances that are related to the recruitment or human resources area.


  • Write an effective cover letter: The cover letter must be concrete and motivated because it illustrates and supports the content of your CV, revealing the skills, persuasion and dynamism of the candidate. The objective of the cover letter is to demonstrate the link between the profile, the job and the company. Both for responding to an offer and for a spontaneous application, the cover letter must be motivated to capture the attention of the employer.


– Applying on the Internet, you can create a short e-mail, provided that the cover letter to be convincing.

– Beware of clichés; you must capture the attention of the employer since the first lines.


  • Be prepared for the interview: A very important stage in the recruitment process is the interview, which allows you to expose your skills and to prove your adaptability in a company. All starts from the first contact with the employer, when you are invited to an interview. Whatever the professional level or field you are in, the interview must be prepared in advance with seriousness.


To succeed in your approach to looking for a job try to put yourselves in the place of the employer and to provide answers and solution for all needs and requirements.