Some questions you should ask your debt collecting agent


If you have a business in UK, you definitely know that one of the most important aspects is related to getting your money back from bad payers because it also proves a very difficult task to fulfil. This is why, financial experts highly recommend you looking for debt collecting agencies in London, whose representatives are able to help you get rid of stress. But before hiring such services, you should ask your future agent some questions and here they are the most important of them.

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Which are the methods that you are going to apply, for getting my money back?

It is one of the most important questions that you should ask because, after you get your money back, you may want to work with the same people again. Therefore, they have to be treated with respect, even if they are part of the bad payers’ category. Usually, these agents use to send a letter or an e-mail first and they ask politely the clients to give the money back in a certain number of days. But, there were some cases when people complained about the fact that the debt collecting agents were too aggressive.

When can I get my money back?

Try to set some deadlines, in order to make yourself some plans with the money. But you cannot set the deadlines on your own. You have to discuss this situation with your debt collecting agent first. Also, you have to understand that everything depends on your clients. Some of them are too difficult to handle. But, under any circumstances, you should not get involved, without talking with your agent first.

Do you apply the principle: “no collection, no fee”?

Believe it or not, there are some debt collection agencies in London who agree to receive their payment only if they are able to offer you good results. This means that you do not have to pay them if you do not receive your money back. But be careful when you close the deal because not every agency agrees to apply this modern idea. Moreover, there are some companies that allow you to apply penalties if they do not respect the deadlines.

When do I have to pay your for the services that you offer me?

This is a question that you should ask, in order to avoid becoming a bad payer yourself. Therefore, if your agent seems trust worthy and a good professional, be careful to reward him with the money that he/ she deserves.