Self-employed accountant: taking the business world by storm

Your hardly earned college degree clearly shows that you have accumulated extensive knowledge not only in accounting, but also in finance and business. This means that you already built the necessary foundation in order to provide both individuals and businesses different accounting services including tax fillings and bookkeeping. The reality is that once you get that bachelor’s degree, your ambition can only drive you towards greater accomplishments like earning an advanced degree while running your own small accounting business. Yes, you do not have to endure your superior’s lectures if you become self-employed. The only thing that stops you from landing numerous clients for your recently opened firm is not having the Certificate Public Accountant designation, which instantly makes you a trusted business advisor. During or after completing the steps of opening Regnskapskontor Oslo, you should definitely sit for the CPA exam. Use your current knowledge, time, energy and passion to improve as a self-employed accountant achieving substantial profit on his own.

Self-employed accountant - taking the business world by storm

Following the logical steps of opening an accounting firm

When it comes to opening a business, regardless of its type or size, drafting a smart plan including company description, executive summary, description of services, implementation of those services, management summary, financial plan, market and sales analysis becomes fundamental. Apart from these traditional steps, you also need to consider other details specific for the accounting industry, which consist in determining your business structure, getting the required business license, observe state regulations and use the suitable technology for completing the future Enkel regnskapsføring operations. Luckily, there is no need to break the bank because as an accountant, you mostly need a computer, a printer, a copier and a fax machine. Furthermore, if you benefit from a limited budget, you should also consider operating as a sole proprietorship because it represents the simplest and least expensive type of business structure.  If you are thinking about establishing a limited liability company (LLC), keep in mind that it requires a more complex procedure. For whom are you opening the accounting firm? What is your target audience? Have you thought of a good location?

Choosing a location and marketing your accounting services

When providing Regnskapstjenester Oslo, the great part is that you can do it from almost anywhere, whether we are talking about an office space, your home or your clients’ homes. Nevertheless, since you want to exude professionalism, then the first options seems more suitable. On the other hand, if the budget does not allow you, then you can work from your own home at first and relocate your business once you become more financially stable. The following important step is to market your services to the community so that people find out about your existence. From local newspapers and magazines to online advertising there are several methods that you can use in order to build a solid client base. Creating business cards and brochures will also prove to be very helpful for your start-up. Once you break into the business world and enjoy the autonomy of self-employment, nothing can stop you from achieving your professional objectives.