Q&A about tax rebate in UK

If you live in UK, you have probably heard about the concept of tax rebate. It represents a good way of taking your money back, in case you’ve done certain activities for business purposes, using your own budget. But if you want to claim your tax refund, there are some important aspects that you have to take into consideration. This is the reason why we made a list with some of the most common questions that we usually receive about this particular subject and here they are the answers for them.

Portrait of a very happy young man in a rain of money

How can I benefit from tax refund?

The best solution if you want to get your money back by using tax rebate is appealing to some professional services. There are some people who deal with this activity and you don’t have to worry about anything. But, there are also some conditions. And one of these conditions is having the proof of your payments. This may include some documents, bills or even shopping tickets. One the other hand, in UK there are some tax rebate calculators, but everything depends on your occupations. You can find these calculators online, but it’s highly recommended to ask from professional’s help. They are like some advisers than can help deal with this situation without any stress.

How many people appeal to tax refund?

We cannot offer you a precise answer because we don’t have the exact statistics of this year, but we can guarantee that the number of them will increase if they would know their rights. Unfortunately, there are persons who don’t have any clue about the way a modern society works when it comes to tax system.

There are some people that can receive more money than the others?

Yes, and this happens because of the fact that any job is different and it comes with some benefits and duties. For example, those who use a uniform and who have to wash it and iron it themselves in order to make it look perfect for job, can ask for a tax refund. This rule applies especially to persons who work in healthcare domain (such as ambulance staff, nurses, midwives, pharmacists and the list may continue), but also as builders, police officers, cabin crews, teachers, mechanics and more. But there is a difference between the amounts of money that they can receive. For example, a health assistant can benefit from £100 a year for washing her uniform, whereas someone from the airline crews can get up to £700 a year.

Do I get something if I use my own car for business purposes?

Of course you get. For example, if you are a teacher and you use your own car for going to a school which isn’t in your normal commute, you can claim for a business tax rebate. But in order to do that, you have to keep the records of mileage travelled. This rule is available in the case of nurses too because they have to go visit their patients home in order to make sure that they all right.