Mistakes that occur looking for a job

When you are looking for a job always keep in mind that big companies are always looking for possible quality employees. And if you know how to optimize your search, you might just catch a job that you find it impossible to obtain. When you are looking for the ideal job keep in mind these mistakes that can occur:



  • You are counting on a single source of information: If you’re like most people, you will rely on the Internet to put your CV and find jobs. Although the Internet may be very useful, it shouldn’t be the only one of your sources of information. Also, it’s good to always have in mind sources such as business magazines, recruitment conferences, job fairs, networking.
  • You are not devoted 100% to your search: Just because you have sent hundreds of CVs to different companies does not mean that you did everything you could to find a good job. The chances to receive an answer from an employer for which you really want to work are not very high. The more you will contact several companies, the more you will participate to more interviews you will increase the chances to catch your dream job.
  • You forget about the follow-up: A good way to stand out from the crowd of candidates is to stay in touch with the employer. It’s indicated that in about two weeks after you sent the CV and the cover letter to contact the representative of the company for a follow-up. Often, a simple phone call or an e-mail could make the difference between you and all the other candidates.
  • You tend to solve too many problems: Most people that are looking for a job tend to spend a lot of time reviewing their CV, cover letter or the mail addressed to the companies. It’s not bad to be a perfectionist but beyond a certain point, this attention to detail can do more harm than good. Instead, you could use this time to improve your performance in the interview. Prepare a communication strategy, work to the answers that you give to the questions you will encounter in the interviews, try to be more relaxed. Such an approach can help you gain the job of your dreams.
  • You do not do networking: The networking can increase the chances of catching a good job. A simple praise coming from a known person can provide you an interview. The good news related to networking is that it can be made easier than you think. Participate in events, conferences, seminars, meetings more or less formal of people that are working in your field of interest. Check press releases, because such events are announced in advance. The possibilities are endless.