Management tips for independent theatre managers


For young individuals pursuing their love and passion for theatre, job is not always easy. Not only have they faced many challenges for being recognized as true artists, while many consider only performing for a prestigious theatre a form of true art, but many also face true management issues. However, new generations are open to such art manifestations and find going to independent theatre plays just as pleasing as going to famous ones. However, as an independent theatre manager, you must deal with many administrative aspects. From finding theatre curtains at affordable prices, to authorized personnel for stage installation, they all fall into a manager’s responsibility. Luckily, some services perfectly fit those necessities, many getting rid of serious administrative problems. Below, some of the benefits of working with such entities.

Management tips for independent theatre managers

1. Curtain wise, a great portfolio for choosing from

Oftentimes, these representations are performed in locations not specifically designed for theatre purposes. However, theatre managers must find proper equipment for those, curtains included. For a great effect, it is somehow necessary for those to fit the rest on the existing décor in the location. Certain companies offer curtains for rent at more than affordable prices, just to make sure they will always fit the pre-existing décor. Also, if managers were to buy theatre curtains, the prices at which they come are not that friendly. Renting, however, is the most affordable alternative out there.

2. Safety equipment and personnel   

Independent theatres are oftentimes formed exclusively by artists. The existing finances make it difficult hiring permanent safety personnel as well as purchasing the necessary equipment. A great solution comes as some companies are specialized in offering such services as well as the relevant equipment for a variety of organisations. For each performance, it in necessary personnel for installing the stage, monitoring it as well as the other equipment, for increased safety levels for artists and audience, equally. A great responsibility for theatre managers is safety. Sometimes it is possible for them to accomplish it by themselves sometimes it is not.

3. Safe, tested equipment

It is normal to somehow doubt the quality of this kind of services. However, fear not. They always have their equipment tested, while they wouldn’t be authorised to function on the market otherwise. A great responsibility lands on their hands as well and risks are not something they look forward to.