Life between career and leisure

There have been a lot of personalities that among history have proved that there is life between career and leisure. It seems hard to believe this fact in our days, but the proofs are in front of our eyes and we cannot deny it. There is a serious need of create a balance that symbolizes life between career and leisure.




We have to work in order to survive, but we should not refrain from spending time with us. Impossible as it may seem, there are nowadays people who do not miss deadlines, do not arrive late at night, do not wear ruffled clothes, have a job and can spend time with their families as well. So the work-life balance is not a fairy tale anymore. The competition may have some impact on our behaviors, but if we know how to avoid the chaos and focus on earning money, things will turn out better.

Unfortunately, working in a company on a high position comes up with a lot of responsibilities, meetings over meetings, e-mails over e-mails, tasks over tasks and no vacation, due to the policy known by all the employees. There are moments in our life when job pressure combines with family problems and we just have to quit. If we put our health and personal life on the first place and start searching a more convenient job, things will get better probably in our lives.

Life between career and leisure does exist and we all can benefit from it if we know how to make time for every single moment in our lives. Yes, we can save up money for rainy days or we can just combine work with relaxation. Take a vacation to every two or three months of hard work and make sure you will have enough fun and will get ready to start it over.

As we are human beings, we all need to have personal lives and not to focus only on our careers. We have our personal needs and no money can help us get them satisfied as long as we don’t have someone to share our feelings with. Someone from the same field of work with us would be a perfect match because if we are busy and stressed about our jobs, they would be able to understand us totally and give us their unconditional support.

The main addiction when it comes to money is that the more you make it, the more you spend it. On the one hand, we should be aware of the fact that life between career and leisure come with several sacrifices but if we take care of ourselves, we will not feel the efforts we make.