Journalism Jobs

Journalism is a very interesting and exciting field, because it deals – in theory – with bringing people the information they need, keeping them in contact with what goes on in their society and in the world. Businessmen like to say that information is power, and this is very true, because an informed person will always make the right decision. Nevertheless, today we are discussing journalism jobs, what they are, and how you can get one.

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Of course, when we say journalism jobs, the first thing that comes to mind are the actual journalists themselves, writing articles, commenting current events, visiting conflict areas to bring important news and so on, but there are many, many more careers you can opt for in journalism. You could choose to become a photographer, a position that is very respected in mass-media, because there have been many instances when brave photographers risked their lives – or gave their lives – in order to capture images of injustice, of crimes of war and basically to bring forth the truth. As you can see, it can be quite easy to become a martyr in the world of journalism, but these are exceptional cases, which require exceptional people.

If you are interested in journalism jobs, you must first decide what type of journalist you want to be. Do you prefer the written press, television, or radio? Perhaps you would like to write for an online magazine, create video blogs and the like. Are you interested in politics, sports, science, or entertainment? Are you more of a desk person, or more of an active, going-on-the-field kind of person? All these are questions you must ask yourself before looking for journalism jobs.

Moreover, it is not enough to want to be a journalist, you need to go to Journalism school and learn about the different techniques, about objective journalism, gonzo journalism or editorialism. There, you will start forming some opinions about what journalism is and about which kind of journalism jobs you are interested in. You also need to have a high general culture, and you need to know how to express your thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise manner. If you are interested in television, you need to have some performing aptitudes as well, because it takes some gumption to walk in front of the camera and be fully aware and responsible of what you say or do. As a journalist, you have an obligation to convey the truth and nothing but the truth, so your morals need to be in check as well.