How to save money on office supplies – Advice for start-ups


In order to save money on office supplies, you don’t have to go cheap. In fact, in many cases, cheaper office supplies also lack the quality, which requires for consecutive investments in the same elements. A sticky note which isn’t adhesive at all becomes useless. Same goes with the envelopes that you use for your correspondence. If the paper used in the manufacturing process is too thin, then the content of the letter or invoice is no longer confidential. This means that you will have to replace products that are already on your stock with better ones. Products like those Tension Envelope offers. So, going cheap is not an option. Then, what options does a start-up owner have when it comes to saving money on office supplies? Below we have some great pieces of advice.

How to save money on office supplies

1. Find reliable manufacturers

With reliable manufacturers, there come reliable products. This means that you won’t have to replace them as soon as you open the package. In many cases business owners notice the poor quality of the office supplies that they ordered, only after opening the package, which is too late. But by selecting your collaborators carefully, you will always make sure that your envelopes won’t get damaged in the delivery process, and maybe you benefit from a little extra: personalized enveloped. Yes, they may come at a higher price, but on the other hand, you will save some important money on otherwise pricey advertising campaigns. So, a great envelope manufacturer and supplier will certainly save you some good money.

2. Order online

In many cases, online stores have some amazing offers. The vast majority of these offers won’t be present in their online stores as well, which prevents you from buying quality office supplies at lower prices. Search for vendors that have an online shop as well and see what products they have on discounts. Even if the company doesn’t have an online shop, see if they have a presentation website. In many cases, there will be a “Get a Quote” section. Use the form and see what offers they have, depending on the type of product and quantity that you need.

3. Search for recycled products

Some office supplies manufacturers put great efforts into protecting the environment, and luckily for small start-up owners, these products come at lower prices. While taking care of the environment, these companies succeed in taking care of small business, for which even office supplies expenses may be too much. Search well. There are some great manufacturers that take care of these aspects.

4. Create a reusable supplies station

Many offices are using reusable supplies, such as binders, pens, folders and so on. Create a dedicated corner in your office, where employees that no longer use such products can store them. Others can easily cone and reuse these items, helping you to save some money while also protecting the environment.  

These are four smart tips a fresh startup owner can put into practice when it comes to saving money on office supplies.