How to Present a Letter of Interest for a Job

Also known as a cover letter, a letter of interest for a job explains why do you think that the position you are applying for is right for you. This letter must be attached to your resume. If you want your letter to be a good one than you should explain how your experience will help you deal with the open position and to describe yourself in a different manner from the one which is written in your resume.

How to Present a Letter of Interest for a Job How to Present a Letter of Interest for a Job Picture

1. Write your letter in a professional manner.You have to keep in mind that this letter is a business one and you should include the date, your and receiver’s address at the top, greeting (which must be a professional one), body and closing. If you aren’t convinced that your format of letter is proper then you’d better look for examples on Internet or search through the templates from your word processor.

2. A professional salutation is necessary and if you use a specific name is even better. On this line, if you want to send your letter to John Brown, the right greeting is a specific one as “Dear Mr. Brown” and not a general one as “To whom is responsible for receiving the resumes”. If you don’t find the name of the person in the position description it’s nothing wrong in calling the company and asking for a name that your letter should be addressed to.

3. Start your letter of interest by writing something funny, but still professional. You have to keep in mind that there are many persons who look for a job and a big number of them writes the same things which can bore the interviewing manager. That’s why you should try to capture the attention by writing a funny thing, like a story about the circumstances which helped you to find out about this job. You have more chances to catch the interviewer’s interest and to make him to read the entire letter.

4. Give details, having as basis your resume. You don’t have to repeat in your letter what is already written in your resume, things like education and professional experience. Here you have the opportunity to explain to the interviewer why do you think you are the right person for that job.

5. Pay attention to how you end your letter. Close by remembering all the qualifications that make you the proper person for the job and let your interviewer know how you are going to proceed. For example, you can inform him that, if you will have no answer from him until a specific date, you won’t give up. By this way, you will inform him that you are really interested for this job.

6. Finish your letter of interest also in a professional manner. End with “Sincerely”, or a similar sendoff and don’t forget to write your name and contact information.