How to manage a business meal

If you are a business man you surely have been at a dozen of business meals. In case you were not till now, we will help you from the very beginning to make a good impression.

In the trip of learning how to manage a business meal we will first start with the purpose of going to such a meeting. In general, you need to pursue your client to accept your offer, and that involves a lot of knowledge and self-control. A frustrated person is usually not listened by the other and surely not a successful one.


First trick you need to do when having a business meal is to reserve a table, preferably from the very first moment of hearing the acceptance. Also, be there earlier with at least twenty minutes, while you can consult the menu.

We recommend you to order light meals, such as salads instead of soups or steak. You will not make any misery and in plus if you will make your decision very fast the client will get you a good impression, one of a decided man. It will increase you and your company’s chances of winning.

Mobile phones are a major part in our lives and it is almost impossible to keep them away from us. In a business meal it is not polite at all to keep your phone on the table, because it will capture your view and you will not be focused on what your client says. This is another advice we got for you if you want to learn how to manage a business meal.

Also, he will think that he is boring you or worse, you do not care about what he is saying. The best way to avoid these inconveniences is to keep it in your jacket or in your pocket. Even so, it is very impolite to answer at any calls while you are a business meal, especially if is one from your friends asking you at what bar you will be tonight.

A business meal involves drinking; we recommend you to avoid alcohol, even if it is morning or evening. The impression your client gets from you will not be a pleasant one, in many of the cases. Even the most successful business ideas won’t fare well with your client if you don’t know how to behave and how to be a diplomat in delicate situations. It used to be a very common practice for business owners to take their clients or prospective investors at lunch or dinner, and even show them a good time around town; getting to know your future business partner well is more than important, even if you’re both after the same thing: profit. This is because personal matters or opinions always make their way in your business dealings, no matter how professional you are, so it is much better to find someone who thinks in a similar manner. So in that sense, successful business ideas become even more so if they are handled by like-minded people, who have the same vision.

In the process of how to manage a business meal you have to take into account the manners. Do not eat or laugh with your mouth open. You want to make a good impression of your company, don’t you?