How to choose the right job?

Certainly each of us was at one time in a position to choose one or another variant that was presented to us in the professional life. We can refer to two distinct moments that can occur in this dilemma of how to choose the right job: choosing the field of activity in which we will profess and choosing the right job.



In most of the times, opting for a particular field of activity occurs in the early stages of the career or even earlier. There are several elements that it would be appropriate to consider them when we take such a decision, such as:


  • The skills-owned: Each of us has traits that make us realize certain activities effectively. If skills are developed and perfected, they can easily transform in capabilities that can ensure us the success in the professional activity;
  • The lifestyle wanted: Some of us would feel comfortable working in a large corporation, while others would fit more in other activity;
  • The evolution of the labour market: In the context of the accelerated pace of technical, economical and social progress, some areas will experience a higher or lower popularity, according to the needs of human resources at a time.

Choosing an area that can be a source of satisfaction in the professional life is very important. Otherwise, unwanted effects may occur: feelings of frustration, uncertainty, confusion regarding career aspirations, poor performance and so on. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that our decision is the right one.

When we have to opt for a new job is very important to reflect on the conditions that we would like to find at the new job. Thus, we can establish criteria to consider and to rank them when making the decision to accept an offer of employment. These may include:


  • The compatibility with the job and ability to successfully fulfill the tasks assigned;
  • The condition that the job is a step forward in career and leads to the formation of a coherent professional path;
  • The opportunities for development and accumulation of new knowledge and experience it offers;
  • The organizational culture and its compatibility with its system of values.

If the professional goals or the ways to achieve them aren’t very clear for you, you can call to the career counseling services offered by the human resources consulting companies. The experts in the field can help you realize your potential; realize your strengths and those that should be improved to achieve the ideal in career.