How can you make sure you’ll find a job after you finished your studies?

You are worried you won’t find job in time? There are several methods to inform yourself about the available positions in your area. For example, in France there is a service called allocations chomage 93 that allows you to contact them once you decided you want to get hired and they will give you all the needed details. Never think twice when you want to consult a specialist because you will be guided properly on your path to success. Here’s what you might want to know about getting a job as soon as possible:


How can you make sure you’ll find a job after you finished your studies

Skills and interests

Firstly, you have to make sure you know which skills recommend you for the post you are searching for. Career opportunities can be found at every step but the importance stands by knowing your attires and being aware what makes you the best candidate for the position offered. When being asked about your interests you need to limit the range to the hobbies and passions you have that fit with the domain you want to work in. This way, the impression you will leave will be clearly beneficial for the later answer of your employer.

Connections and groups

Setting up a network of people you have common topics to discuss means more doors opened for your career. You can never know when and where from will an opportunity appear so try gathering as many acquaintances as you can. Friendships can be bond easily and social skills are being mastered with time and experience. You may find potential in people you did not expect you would.

Interview etiquette

There are some few things you should avoid when being interviewed. Also, make sure your CV and the rest of your details are appropriate for the job you are applying for:

  • Fun email addresses – try using your real name instead of nicknames and other short forms
  • Check twice before saving and printing your CV – spelling mistakes will look really bad for your application and you won’t get a second chance for an interview where the first impression is everything
  • Avoid lazy words – stay away from abbreviations or common words in your resume
  • Dress properly – there is no thing such as casual dressing at an interview unless you are going for a sports job or something similar; appearance can have a great role in leaving a good first impression and smart can never go out of fashion especially for employers
  • Smile – showing nervousness won’t get you anywhere so make sure you smile from time to time to expose your human side
  • Express enthusiasm – always show how keen you are to the domain you want to be hired in and tell your employer every detail you love about the job
  • Turn off your phone – this is something you need to do each time you attend an official event; you don’t want to be disturbed or disturb others around you because of a notification or a random call