Freight alliance 101 – essentials you should know

For small business owners in cargo transportation field, expansion can be difficult. Ten big companies of this kind dominate the international context. For them, the best way to make it easier to compete with enormous companies is to join a transnational alliance designed to provide the means for small companies to grow. Moreover, an alliance of economic entities with similar interests and objectives will provide a market with lower levels of risk. Additionally, alliances like Globalia Logistics Network will provide their members with the most advanced technology that is required in the freight forwarding field. However, below are some important aspects every business owner in the cargo domain should know about this type of alliances.

Freight alliance 101 - essentials you should know

1. The process of enrolling is an easy one

First, you must see what your options are in terms of available areas (airports and seaports around the world) and try to join. If no positions are available at the respective moment, you must join a waiting list. You will be informed when a vacant position appears and after you agree with their terms and conditions, you are an official member of the alliance. Now you can proceed with developing your network of collaborators. You can easily get in touch with other members and make agreements, in order to gain a consistent market share. An annual fee must be paid, but the benefits you have from joining an alliance of this type make the amount modicum.

2. You will be present all around the world

Being a part of a large network, with ramifications all around the world, will make it possible for you to also expand your business. You will have access to important airports and seaports and you will be able to develop new business relationships in favorable terms for you. A network of this kind is able to provide the means to diminish the risks of the field and, at the same time, increase the opportunities the market has for you as a small business owner.

3. Hi-tech tools for your business

Business in the logistics field relies a lot on information and technology. You must always be able to track and to better optimize your container shipments for more accuracy. This way, your employees will work more efficiently and you will always be informed on the exact location of your loads. Your clients will be more pleased with your services and you won’t have delays anymore.

Joining a freight alliance is an easy process that can benefit your business in many ways. Not only will you have your interests protected, but also you will be able to develop strong business relationships with others in the field. With a strong brand name comes more power. Moreover, cutting-edge technology will enable you to improve your services and compete with big companies. All alone might be difficult to do so, but being part in a transnational alliance might come with a large number of benefits for you.