Custom Adhesives and Tapes – Where Could They Be Used?

If you think for a second simply how many different kinds of adhesives and adhesive tapes are being sold all over the place these days, you would be forgiven for asking yourself why the 3M preferred tape convertors even exist. With thousands of “off the shelf” items available in a moment and for appealing prices, is there really any point ordering bespoke adhesive products and going the whole hog?

Well, the reality is that there have never been more bespoke adhesive businesses up and running and this fact perfectly illustrates how robust and indeed increasing demand is for such products. Hundreds of companies up and down the UK are readily relying on custom adhesive products to get the job done, profiting from a whole host of advantages having overtaken the generic. The reason is simple – to place an order for a bespoke adhesive is to have a say in every one of its properties and its final price. From strength to longevity to compatibility with materials to method of application and so on, it is indeed a case of creating your ideal adhesive built from scratch around your needs.

So it is getting clear that bespoke adhesives could be fantastic when it comes to getting the job done, but which industry areas and businesses are making use of them?

Custom Adhesives and Tapes – Where Could They Be Used

1 – Marketing and Sales

Right at the top of the table you will find the people who spend their time marketing and advertising products and services on behalf of businesses. The entire country is basically littered with millions of marketing materials which all need to be fixed in place effectively one way or another. From in-store posters to gigantic billboards and right through to the smaller marketing materials, using bespoke adhesives could make life so much simpler for the modern marketer. And it is not just about making things simpler – they could also make things significantly cheaper.

2 – Glazing

A slightly less obvious industry field that is profiting quite amazingly from the use of available custom adhesive products is that of the modern glazer. The method and process of getting glass to stay in place when repairing or manufacturing any types of unites used to rather on the difficult and complicated side. Nowadays however, bespoke adhesives could be used to fix glass panes, panels and components of all sizes and shapes to pretty much anything else, producing the most reliable and strong of bonds while staying largely invisible. This is exactly the reason why there are thousands of examples of incredible “floating” glass features and installations on the market these days, which wouldn’t be possible without the custom adhesives to hold them together.

3 – Healthcare

Frankly, anyone working in the healthcare industry would find it extremely difficult to get by without bespoke adhesive tape producers that provide them with the most crucial basics. Surgeries, hospitals and healthcare professionals in general are incredibly reliant on all kinds of adhesive products to fulfil their daily responsibilities and duties. There might be plenty of adhesive tapes and products readily available, though suitable to be used in healthcare environments – not so much.

4 – Product Manufacturing

These days, the use of traditional mechanical fixings when putting together an incredible array of products is starting to become something of a dying art. The reason is simple – where and when things like bolts, nuts, brackets, screws and all kinds of other accessories are needed, there is almost always a bespoke adhesive product that could get the job done faster and better. By switching to bespoke adhesives, producers profit from faster output, lower production costs, increased convenience, better quality and a simpler production process in general. It is something of a relatively tiny change in process that could make a pretty huge difference.

5 – Automotive

Last up, the automotive industry has relied on adhesive products for much of its history, though sourcing the ideal product for any given job hasn’t been easy. There are thousands of different components and materials in the average car and basically thousands of different types of glue on the market. Nonetheless, when it comes to bespoke adhesive products that are perfectly fit for purpose, there is really nothing that comes close to having such products made on your behalf. And again, the advantages of switching include better results, faster results, more convenient results and a great reduction in costs.