Counseling and career guidance

According to some studies made by experts in the field, among pupils was noted that a percentage of approximately 20% of the pupils know what career will follow. The rest have as primary sense negativity, resignation and get carried away. This can leave its mark later when they will look for a job and find that no employer wants them.

For people who are going through a process of counseling and professional guidance this risk is no more because they already have identified the potential and motivational factors. Once the career guidance was achieved and they become aware about the professions for which they have real skills, they will know how to handle the interviews even if the profession is not very requested. Such a candidate will be appreciated at interviews because he is prepared and knows his objectives in career.


The career is a succession of positions, professional activities and experiences which a person faces throughout life or his professional experience. Given the existing dynamic on the labor market and the accelerated changes that are taking place lately there is a growing emphasis on career planning and its management at both the individual and the organization level. Once done the career planning by a person, the experiences that he has had over time is more than a succession of jobs seen in isolation. These are interconnected; the profession is linked to the past and professional future. The development of the activity in a certain profession is training, education and work, elements present in a person’s career.

The process of counseling and career guidance is divided into two, career guidance or career planning and career development. The first aspect is considering the evaluation process itself, identifying the interests, strengths and weaknesses that a person in question has and his skills. This is an ongoing process that involves a series of changes and adjustments made in a person’s professional life and collides with the second process, the career development. The career development is a succession of positions and activities as mentioned above, this process is directly influenced by the current situation on the labor market, the jobs available, challenges and changes that occur over time.

People become increasingly interesting for personal and professional development achieved through the experience gained in their professional career. It is also noted an increase of their concern regarding the development of their qualities, skills and opportunities of their own self-determination, so the career planning is done mostly in an unconscious way.

A careful self-assessment made in the counseling and career guidance, monitoring the results obtained in time using career tests will protect the one in question by a series of unpleasant work experiences such as professional maladjustment, occupational stress, inefficiency in work activity and even avoiding work accidents.