Career placement

One element about career placement is that there is a small number of businesses that can be run with no administrative support. Nowadays every company needs to be guided by a professional that takes care of the administrative stuff, because its role has changed during the years. In 2020 the experts from the Bureau of Labor Statics are expecting to a 10 percent increase in the number of employment offers like this. The employment offer could refer to any type of job, like Campaign Management and Execution Analyst, Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Executive Assistant or Administrative Assistant. The list is wide enough and you could start looking for more details right now.


The main reason this field is so important and will occupy such a place in the future is the fact that every business, no matter if it is successful or not, needs to be accounted every year. The taxes, the statistics and the calculations still have to be made by someone and fortunately for those ones who are specialized in this area, there are very few people who really know how to do it. You need to make some courses in order to understand how it works and your career placement will get a great position if you are interested to work as a Financial Accountant, Senior Portfolio Accountant, Fund Reporting Analyst, AVP Product Control or even Administrative Assistant. These jobs will be very well paid in the future so keep them in your mind. You never know what to expect to.

Compliance officers are also looked for when it comes to regulations and lack of obedience towards rules. The guilty people need to be penalized accordingly and a compliance officer is the person who does it in a company and makes sure your business is not betrayed by any associate or employee. It is a smart investment in their credibility and loyalty and in the future expansion of your business. These people are important elements in your organizational plan and they usually occupy positions like Compliance Director, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Senior Compliance Officer and Compliance Management Reporting Analyst.

Career placement is also related to jobs placed in the marketing field. The experts in statistics mention that in 2014 there will be an increase in the request for marketing experts. In order to understand what it refers to, you could start looking for information about jobs like Strategic Planner, Senior Media Strategist, Campaign Management and Execution Analyst, Associate Director of Strategy & Analysis and Vice President, Strategy and Analysis. Good luck in finding the right career placement details you are interested in!