Career and professional experience: Advices to decide fast and well

You are often indecisive? You are tempted to take decisions at the last minute? Taking a decision was never an easy task for you? Fear of making mistakes and lack of trust generates certain rules and procedures that complicate taking decisions. However, with good reflexes you can get what you proposed. Here are some key advices to decide fast and well.

Face to face with more choices is hard to decide. This can happen because you feel you do not have all the necessary information for taking the decision. To decide is very important to have the information, factual data and advices.


Beyond rational understanding of the situation, letting yourself guided by intuition is one of the key points in taking decisions in emergency and complicated cases. These forms of intuitive intelligence require a good capacity of listening and opening that allow deciphering the situation and taking into account several parameters simultaneously.

In a competitive environment taking decisions fast is very important. Programming a long decision process is often time wasted. Therefore, a good decision should take into account the realities of that environment, but the final goal should not be lost of sight. Although in many cases you are pressured by bosses or employees for an immediate response you should put into balance all aspects that could be related to this decision.

In addition, taking a decision requires assuming certain risks especially when you have to take this decision quickly. When it comes to taking a decision there must be evaluated both the positive and the negative aspects for the taken decision.

Moreover, to understand the situation and take good decisions it is recommended carrying out certain research and analysis that allow you to enter in details. A good decision is influenced by a continuous monitoring.

Finally, to pass more easily over the negative consequences of a decision it is advisable to seek ways to turn these mistakes into a success.