Career advices: The art of negotiation

Because of the competitiveness of the job market candidates can be considered fortunate to attend an interview, even more to get a job. When you got the job, we advise you to negotiate with the employer the terms of the work offer. The secret of negotiation consists in knowing when to stop.




  • Do your homework: Negotiation is an art, one that must be practiced. First, make a brief evaluation of your negotiation skills. Do you feel comfortable to negotiate with a seller the price on the car you want to buy? How successful were you in getting bonuses or raises of salary in previous jobs? If you have been successful in past negotiations, it is possible you have these skills yet.

Then consult business magazines or local library to get documents on the negotiation tactics and strategies. Also, if you’re one of those people who always pay the asking price or never demanded a raise of salary, it might be helpful to practice through a role play, with a friend, the negotiation of the work offer.


  • Know when to stop: Negotiation does not mean winning at all costs, but to reach an agreement on the terms of a job offer, so that to be pleased.

First, establish what would be salary and the minimal benefits that match your needs. Whatever your goals – three weeks of vacation instead of two, the opportunity to travel or to get advanced from time to time – these are a priority in negotiating your work offer. If you focus on the objectives and not on immediate gains, you’ll know when the time is right to accept the terms of the offer.


  • Be creative: Do not think only at salary when you negotiate the offer with the employer, but when possible, negotiate also other categories of benefits such as: the possibility to receive some training courses, a more flexible schedule or a shorter work program during the summer. You must consider all options, so that at the end of negotiations to feel that the decision you took is the right one.
  • Do not be greedy: Quit while you’re on top – if you’ll continue negotiating for the sake of negotiation, although you got an excellent offer, you will lose. The company could simply end negotiations and present you the final offer with no other discussions, you risk to estrange your future boss or worse to be refused by him and lose the job.