Career advices for women

In the life of every career woman there are certain thresholds over which she doesn’t really know how to pass. Here are some advices for those women who want to have a successful career:


1. Evaluate your current situation: We all have moments in our lives when we want to do something or we want to be elsewhere. The trick is to pay attention. Feelings of frustration and anger can be a catalyst to make a change.

2. Discover what you are good at: Forget about jobs that you had, forget about the structure – at what do you think you are good? Women do not spend enough time realising their strengths, even if often spend a lot of time focusing on mistakes. After you think a little, ask for the opinion of your friends and colleagues.

3. Get help from others: To have someone close that you can count on anytime is an extremely important and helpful thing.

4. Do not expect success to just happen: Women often make the mistake to think that someone else has to see their intelligence and to recognize their potential and therefore to promote them. Things are not exactly so. Women need to make themselves remarked. And once you know what you want, things are even simpler because you can go easily to those things.

5. Focus on your own goals – is not selfish: You need to know what you do before you get to lead others.

6. Pay attention to your ideas: It is an illusion that all things have changed, that men and women are equal. The change is quite irregular. There are certain things on which we need to work on. Ideas can occur at any time. Everything is to keep track of them.