Career advice for graduates

This summer you have graduated and now you are looking for a job. At the beginning of your career it is important to take into account several aspects to be sure you are heading in the right direction. Here are some advices to start your career with the right foot at the end of college!



1 . Focus your attention: It is possible that at the end of college you do not know very well what to do with your life. However, try to figure out what direction you would like to follow your career – think that once you decide, you can develop your skills in a certain direction and manage to get better jobs and earnings.

To find out what you want give yourself time – get involved in diverse activities, follow different courses and, above all, ask yourself what you could learn and what not. If you find you have more passions try to combine them – you can successfully combine the passion for IT and foreign languages ​​working in a multinational that needs employees who know foreign languages ​​or even more exotic ones.

2.  Discover well-paid jobs: It is natural to want a well-paid job and which gives you long-term financial stability. Therefore, you can inquire which are the best paid jobs, if you’re interested in any of those areas, start learning! For example, you could make big money in the IT – if you are passionate about programming and you enjoy wasting your time mastering and discovering how a computer works, join professional courses. At the end of them you will receive a diploma, which in theory should provide you access to a job where you get the chance to put into practice your skills and knowledge gained.

3.  Inform yourself seriously: Whether you follow your college specialization, whether you re-orientate, it is important to do your homework and to inform seriously on the industry you are going to engage. Find out which are the possibility of advancement, which are the salaries, which are the best companies that you can grow in – you can discover all these by searching the Internet or asking the employees in the field. Do not forget to check if you own all the skills and knowledge required to work in that field and if you have gaps, start learning again! You’ll increase your chances of getting a job of which hundreds or even thousands of other graduates have dreamed of.

4.  Do not refuse low-paid jobs: If you have experience in the field in which you want to work after graduation, your chances of getting a well paid job from the start are very small. But if you are informed properly, perhaps you already know what post you should occupy and in what company to, at some point, have access to a post with a generous salary. So, think positive:  even if now you get a small salary, the hard work will ensure in the future a promotion and thus a higher salary.

5.  Do not feel entitled to get a good job from the start: It is true that some graduates manage to get a well-paid job from the start, but there are not many who have this opportunity. In addition, it is wrong to expect that such a job will be given to you on tray just because you have higher education. So, be patient, take things one by one and these will be arranged.