Advices in looking for the first job

At this time, surely you’ve finished all the exams needed to obtain the status of recent graduate. Now it is time to think seriously about looking for your first job. Armed with all the arsenal of diplomas and attestations, here is what you have to do to step with the right foot in the career of your dreams.




  • Choose your direction: After the four or five years of specialization, certainly you are very sure of what you want to do in life. If not, maybe it is time to set yourself some goals and identify what would be the type of activity that you would like. Are you a person who likes to be surrounded by many people? Or are you happier when you juggle with numbers or when you create computer programs? Analyze all your qualities, weaknesses, activities you like and you do not like and what interests you most. You must have all these things in mind when you think about planning your career.


  • Make your documents: It is essential to learn as many things as possible about the companies that interest you, to be able to make a list with all the options you have at this time. Courage is the best guide for recent graduates. You have to know everything about all the opportunities offered by different companies that you aim. Get on their websites, read what’s new and talk to current employees for full documentation.


  • Arm yourself with everything you need: It is very important to have all the ‘tools’ for any given activity. The ‘tools’ you need when you go looking for a job are: the CV, cover letter and everything that recommends you for the job. Take as much time to compose well the CV and cover letter and describe clearly what are your skills and experience. If your experience in the field is very small or nonexistent, try to look for part-time commitment for the beginning. Analyze your whole experience and think how you could apply it to any activity.


  • Relate: One of the most important issues that should concern you when you are looking for a job is to connect with everyone. Get advantages from all the resources that you have, including the offices of placement of workers, job fairs, your parents’ friends, former teachers and neighbors.


  • Do not give up: Real world can be a challenging. Set realistic goals and accept that you will have to start from below and work really hard. Do not forget to be active, to persevere and to keep your confidence and optimism that there is a great job for you that expects you to find it sooner or later.