Advices in looking for a job during the crisis

Looking for a job during the crisis can be very stressful. If you want to be successful, you have to get more involved. Here are some advices that might help you in your search:



  • Start looking for a job having a plan first. This should include the types of jobs you are looking for, the employers that you prefer and a strategy for obtaining a job with one of the employers that you prefer.


  • Do not rely only on one technique to find a job. The best approach, especially in a weak market, is the approach using several techniques.


  • Do not think that the CV is the only way to get a job.


  •  Do not get discouraged and do not let things distract you.  The more you stay more focused and you don’t quit, the more you have more chances of success. Remember that it will take longer to find a new job.


  • Plan to invest more effort in this research than you did before. You’ll need to set one goal daily to complete the activities of researching the jobs. Keep up with your program and whenever possible, try to overcome those goals.


  • Do not ignore and do not underestimate the power of the networking. Using all the people you know, plus the people that they know is a crucial part of any job search. Networking should dominate your search strategy, since few organizations are actively seeking new employees.


  • Create a CV that focuses on your key achievements and on your success when you describe your experience. Use action verbs to describe those accomplishments.


  • Do not forget to change your CV and cover letter according to each job opportunity.


  • Do not let bad economic news stop you from this ‘hunting’ of yours. Continue looking for a job and you will see that you will get the desired results.