Advices for casual outfit for men and women at work and events

To choose the appropriate casual clothing, you should opt for a classic one, rather than one that is fashionable. Indeed, it is recommended we follows fashion industry trends, but up to the point where it starts influencing us rather than we, it. The outfit should be neat and suitable also as a work outfit, rather than one that you go to a party or picnic. You should avoid wearing loose clothing or molded on the body.



Some business tips say that when it comes to clothes black or khaki shirts, with long or short sleeves well-ironed are suitable as casual business outfit for both men and women.

In addition, women can opt for a sweater or a jacket, sports jackets being more suitable for men. Women should avoid any clothing that might attract attention or be challenging. Also, women should be careful to the skirt length. Avoid wearing a mini skirt to stand out. Polo shirts or golf type are also suitable if the atmosphere in the workplace is casual. You will not be appreciated for your trendy style but for your wise trial necessary in a professional job.


Moreover, skin is the perfect choice for shoes or belts. If they are not directly associated with a sporting event then sporty shoes are strictly prohibited in a business environment. You should invest in quality products that will take longer and will create a good impression about you.

Clothes must be neat and clean, and the cut of the clothes must be the right one. Attention must turn also on your hair which must be groomed and combed. Men should be well shaven or if they are wearing a beard it must be maintained to create an image of a well groomed personality.


Finally, choose carefully the clothes that are the right size for you. Regardless what you choose to wear to work the key to success is confidence and this will be seen in the attitude of those who work with you. If your business partners and colleagues will be impressed by your professional achievements, the clothes that you will wear to work will add an extra confidence to the image created by you