Advices for a successful career

The road to a successful career is not unique, there are many ways to achieve a harmonious development of career according to desire, field, job and the involvement you give evidence. Thus, the ‘theoretical’ formula of a successful career can be adapted to each one, to prove to be a viable one. Here are some starting points when you want to build a career and, why not, when you want to have a harmonious life in general:

1. Set what you have to solve: The time when you start solving your problems and your career goals starts when you become aware of them. This is the first step towards a successful career plan: self evaluation and awareness of the obstacles and setting goals are elements that will determine you to build your career step by step.


2. Learning improves your career: Once you’ve established a career objective you should accumulate knowledge that can lead to its fulfillment. A real career is not built overnight, it takes a continuous improvement, which means improvement in the job you have by: training courses, readings, coaching and mentoring.

3. Act towards the career you want: Get information on the employing companies, send a resume, a letter cover and seek job ads. If your current job does not satisfy you or you think you stagnate, take the next step to get to the career you are working for.

4. Evaluate what is best for your career: Before accepting a job just because you can promote or pays you and extra money, evaluate all job offers and take the right decision. Consider: job risks or the company’s; benefits as monetary; motivation from the professional point of view, which allows you the career development: courses, direct assessment, training, mentoring forms.

5. Persevere for the authentic success: Career development means often obstacles which are reflected many times in: limitations of the worksheet or on the contrary, a worksheet far too busy; a manager who does not appreciate your true value at work; the team who doesn’t sustain your work; the tense atmosphere at work which does not allow you to use your skills for your own career.

Finally, to overcome these problems you need to persevere in your battle to impose yourself, to seek what is best for your career and to change your job with one that matches what you want and deserve. Face challenges and you will built your desired career!