2017 event planner: what to expect

Making a career for yourself can be a bit challenging. Indeed the word is chosen correctly, because sometimes, doing what you like is not the same with doing your job. In today’s world, doing what you like and building a career on this idea is difficult, challenging and not for everyone. However, it is certainly not impossible. With a bit of determination, luck and knowledge you can achieve anything you set your mind to. So, do you have any plans to become a successful event planner this year? If you have, here are three pieces of advice you will find helpful in achieving your goal. The world may be full of event planners, but dedicated and trustworthy ones are a bit hard to come by. So, to make a career out of this passion and to find success, you need to consider these aspects, alongside others of course.
2017 event planner- what to expect

Always be prepared!


Event planners are all about social gatherings, family events, office gatherings and so. They are prepared to offer their clients only the best of what this market may provide them with. However, to do that, the secret is not to master a few types of events, but be open minded to trends and ready to apply various techniques. You need to go out there and invest in affordable ribbons and balloons, if this is this year’s trends and your clients are looking for such an event. You needn’t lead them to a type of event you know very well. You are the one that has to change more and more every day and increase your knowledge on event organising trends. Be prepared for any challenge, no matter how difficult it might sound!


Listen to your clients


One of the things people, couples especially complain about when it comes to event planners is that no matter how much they explain what they want and how they see their wedding, for instance, the planner never takes into account their vision. This is where you can come in. Become that event planner that puts his or her clients first, no matter what. Consider their expectations and their desires. Use your knowledge to bring them restaurant options or decorating ideas that fit their style exactly, always considering what the requests were.


Think of budget


This is when things can get a bit complicated. There is a discussion regarding the right way to handle a situation. In case you find a restaurant, which is exactly as your clients have ordered, but it is much over their budget, what do you do? Do you present it knowing they will not afford it or you take the chance, hoping that they are flexible when it comes to budget? Well, the answer would be not to risk it. This might leave a sour taste in their mouth and they might blame you for not putting together the perfect event. However, before you give up on the idea, test their flexibility. Make a suggestion for a decorator, which is a bit expensive, and see their reaction. If they accept, motivating that the budget is indeed flexible, you are in luck. You could present the location.